Virtual Consultancy

Opposite offers all of its services remotely and online. Our virtual consultancy is a leading service that is truly considering the human at the centre of every assignment.

Below are just a few of our unique online services that have been in high demand during the COVID-19 crisis.

Virtual Services

New Ways of Working & Strategic Planning

What does the future hold for your organisation? Our New Ways of Working program engages staff and leaders to help re-design their future. This help realign initiatives, engage staff, and provide purpose during uncertain times.

Remote Risk & Ergonomic Assessments

Our specialist psychologists and Human Factors specialists can conduct remote risk assessments of working from home arrangements. This holistic approach examines the physical environment as well as considers how individuals and teams organise themselves, communicate, and engage.

Virtual Workshops

Opposite design bespoke online workshops for a variety of topics including: well-being, employee engagement, risk assessments, strategic planning, data gathering and investigations. These sessions are designed specifically to suit the customer’s needs, using online platforms and expert facilitators who engage the hearts and minds of the participants.

Online Well-Being Support

Well-being and resilience are fast becoming the most important aspects of our working lives. Complex and challenging environments mean that employees and leaders can feel overwhelmed and they can lose focus. We have developed programs that are designed to coach and motivate employees whilst also helping with common problems associated with stress and disengagement. These programs can be 1:1 sessions and / or team-based programs.

Edge Of Excellence Group

OPPOSITE have partnered with a specialist group comprising experts in systems thinking, psychology, process improvement and experience design. This online panel run interactive webinars. We are also developing a podcast and program to help organisations work through and manage uncertainty.

Below is our first webinar with our experts:


Cameron Hawker

Cameron Hawker

Zephyr West

Government Engagement & Strategy

Dr. Nicholas Duck

Dr. Nicholas Duck



Associate Professor Simon Moss

Associate Professor Simon Moss

Charles Darwin University


Sawsan Howard

Sawsan Howard

Strategy & Branding


Marvin Oka

Marvin Oka

Behavioural Modelling Research

2nd Order Change

Saiful Nasir

Saiful Nasir

CXD Labs

Experience Design

Mark Andrew

Mark Andrew


Work Design

Dr Gemma Read

Dr Gemma Read

University of The Sunshine Coast

Complex Systems

Adapting Or Evolving During COVID-19

A discussion and Q&A with professionals in Psychology, Human Factors, Strategy, Systems-Thinking and User-Experience

Virtual Consultancy Success Stories

New Ways of Working

Working in the public transport sector, Opposite developed a new ways of working assessment that allowed over 100 employees to reimagine the future of work. Employees were invited to explore a visual board with a transport theme, where they selected from series of future state options that presented various scenarios that might emerge after COVID-19.

However, the approach was intentionally broader than the crisis. It allowed for employees to express their views about the physical environment, talent sourcing, culture, and methods of collaboration.

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